Peak Sails North America

U.S. Design & Management - Canadian Engineering

International Sales, Production & Distribution

Peak Sails North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of an international partnership involved in providing a broad specturm of products and services to the sailmaking industry.


We currently operate three sales divisions as well as a technologically advanced production loft.


  • Our Commercial Division assists small and medium sized independent sailmakers with design and production services.
  • Fleet Sales assists companies that are involved in the charter industry as well as resort and rental operations.
  • Peak Sails North America is responsible for international retail sales and distribution.


All three divisions are supported by a state of the art design and engineering office in tandem with our 36,000 s.f. production loft.

Peak Sails was acquired in December, 2012 in order to assist in implementing a radical new approach to building and selling sails direct from the loft to the consumer.


Eliminating Price Confusion


When purchasing a new sail today, we urge you to spend some time and do a little research. Why? By devoting an evening on your computer, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your purchase.


We think you will find the following fascinating.


We recently researched prices on a standard mainsail for a Catalina 30 Standard Rig. We wanted to compare our $975.00 Coastal Cruise model against the competition.


To be honest, we knew the range of prices would vary. However, we were surprised to see those prices almost double from the low to high.


  • Loft A: $1,691.00
  • Loft B: $1,342.00
  • Loft C: $1,285.00
  • Loft D: $1,225.00
  • Loft E: $1,135.00
  • Peak Sails North America: $975.00


Was the comparison apples to apples? Actually, all six sails had similar standard features. Additionally, they used similar weights and grades of Dacron as well as hardware fittings.


So why the large variation in price? In our opinion, it all boils down to margins. It is interesting to note that Loft D and Peak Sails both design and produce their own product. Lofts B & C are independent dealers that represent the same overseas loft that produces the sail. Loft A? They are one of the one of the larger international lofts.


So is one better than the other? In some cases, yes. But you really need to determine the actual features on each. 


Just The Facts


We would not purchase a new sail based on a few bullet points or a short paragraph of ad copy. And we do not think you should either.


Each and every sail we quote and/or offer online includes a detailed specification sheet. There isn't a loft in existence that provides the level of information we do and it is written in easy to understand terms and without hype.


We even suggest you use it as a template to compare our sail against other offerings you may be considering.


Final Considerations


When it comes down to making your decision on who will build your new sail, ask the following questions. Which loft provdes the most standard features and still guaranties you the best possible price? Who will provide a delivery guaranty? The warranty. How long is it and exactly what does it cover? 


Delivery Guaranty

We guaranty your new sail will be built and shipped within 25 Business Days of a complete order. We will refund 5% of the price of the sail if it isn't.

Best Price Guaranty

A great price on a new sail doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice on quality. We believe our prices are the best in the industry. Let us know if you receive a quote from a competitior and we will beat it!

3-Year Warranty

Each and every sail we build carries a three-year warranty against material and workmanship defect. Additionally, we guaranty your new sail will be constructed in first-run Challenge Dacron and Bainbridge hardware.