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J Class Legend "Endeavour"
J Class Legend "Endeavour"

About Peak Sails

Peak Sails has quickly grown to become North America's largest independent sailmaker since initiating production during the fourth quarter of 2012.

Highlights include:

  • Orders From 49 of 50 U.S. States
  • Orders From All 10 Canadian Provinces
  • Orders From Over 15 Countries
  • Orders From 5 of 7 Continents
  • Sails Built For Over 300 Different Production & Custom Boat Models.

In addition to our retail division, our commercial department provides design and contract production services to several independent sail lofts, yacht dealers, brokers and retailers.

The Peak Difference

About Our Prices

When the time comes to purchase a new sail, we urge you to do a little research.

You can literally save hundreds of dollars on your purchase by spending a few hours on your computer and phone.

About Production & Shipping Times

Peak Sails is able to build and deliver a new sail faster than any of our competitors.

About Our Warranty

The Peak Sails warranty is one of the best in the industry.

The Sail Industry Today

We are often asked why our prices are lower than some of our competitors.

The answer is pretty simple.

Over 90% of all polyester fiber sails sold worldwide today are built by a small handful of large production lofts primarily located in Asia.

They all pay the same price for raw materials and labor costs are similar despite being located in different countries.

Add their need to grow market share and the result is each charging about the same price for any given sail.

If the cost to build a sail is approximately the same throughout the industry, why do you see such a large variance in retail prices?

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Where You Will Find Our Sails

Monthly Special: May 2016

Go Big Blue & Save!

10% Off On Our Premium Bluewater Cruise Series Of Sails!

Order one or more of our best-selling Bluewater Cruise sail models built in Challenge High Modulus sailcloth during April and receive a 10% discount!

We urge you to compare our Bluewater Cruise series of sails against the competition. You will not find a loft (large or small) that can build and deliver a sail with the same features and warranty at a more affordable price!

Don't get caught in the spring rush. Order today and have your sails ready to go at launch time!

Our Tri-Radial Performance Sails In Action!

Hobie 33 "Predator"

Courtesy of Dr. Walter Funk