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The Sail Industry Today

We are often asked why our prices are lower than some of our competitors.

The answer is pretty simple.

Over 90% of all polyester fiber sails sold worldwide today are built by a small handful of large production lofts primarily located in Asia.

They all pay the same price for raw materials and labor costs are similar despite being located in different countries.

Add their need to grow market share and the result is each charging about the same price for any given sail.

If the cost to build a sail is approximately the same throughout the industry, why do you see such a large variance in retail prices?

It simply boils down to overhead and desired profit margin.

Like any other industry, every sailmaker has its own business model. Several have multiple brick and mortar sales offices, employ commissioned salespeople and utilize large advertising and promotional budgets. As a result, their prices are obviously going to be higher. 

On the other side of the coin, Peak Sails operates from a single location with a non-commissioned sales staff. Our advertising budget is modest and we are not involved with major race or event sponsorship's.

As a result, we are able to offer the same premium sail at a lower price.