Cruising Spinnaker Accessories

ATN Spinnaker Sleeves

Use the ATN Spinnaker Sleeve with your spinnaker, cruising spinnaker or mizzen staysail. It's a simple idea that works amazingly well.

The problem is not hoisting the sail but getting it back on the boat. That's when a spinnaker sleeve makes the average sailboat owner a great sailor. Without any help, he makes that very powerful and expensive sail disappear with a minimum of fuss and trauma. And the sail is ready to be hoisted again immediately, no more packing!

The sail is already hoisted inside the sock. Simply attach a halyard to the sock's top and hoist it fully. To douse the sail, free the uphaul and pull the downhaul. The sail collapses and is packed at the same time.

The ATN Spinnaker Sleeve features the following:

  • Single hand any spinnaker, reacher, gennaker, MPS, screecher or mizzen staysail .
  • High-tech, ultra-light Kevlar Hoop matches shape of the spinnaker and will not warp under load.
  • Single control line led through separate sleeve eliminates fouling.
  • "Intrepid" line which will not kink.
  • Contrasting visual reference stripe.
  • Wire pennant with swivel at head of spinnaker prevents sleeve from affecting sail shape by allowing the sleeve to accumulate on the pennant.
  • Mesh construction allows the sail to breathe, so it dries quicker, even while stored.

ATN suggests ordering a sleeve based on the length of your sail's leech plus one foot.  This length can be used regardless if the sail is an asymmetrical (cruising spinnaker) or a symmetrical (poled) spinnaker.

The ATN Spinnaker Sleeve

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The ATN Tacker

The ATN Tacker is a great aid when flying a cruising spinnaker. First it keeps the tack of the chute close to the center line of the boat without chafing or scoring the furled headsail. It also allows for easy adjustment of the height of the tack. A single line allows easy changes to sail shape.

In addition the Tacker can be used to hoist a storm jib over a furled headsail and it will provide complete protection against the accidental unfurling of the headsail under even the most extreme conditons.

Here is the sequence: Attach the halyard to the spinnaker's head, the sheet to the spinnaker's clew, the downhaul to the spinnaker's tack where the Tacker has already been shackled, pass the Tacker around the furled headsail, clip the snap shackle onto the spinnaker's tack and hoist away. Trim the sheet and the downhaul and you are sailing. The downhaul, in most cases, can be replaced by a rope pennant always on the spinnaker's tack, making the operation even easier.

Of course you can fly a spinnaker without a pole and without the Tacker, but bear in mind that a conventional spinnaker is designed to fly a couple of feet above the lifelines. Its foot (between the clew and the tack) should always be horizontal. Securing the spinnaker tack to the deck is not the best way to set the sail. It is too low and the spinnaker will chafe on the bow pulpit and lifelines. If you add a pennant or a downhaul, the spinnaker falls off to leeward and the pennant chafes on the pulpit and the sail looses its shape.

That's when the Tacker saves the day. It holds the tack, and the luff, of the spinnaker close to the centerline of the boat and it can be adjusted up and down with the downhaul for a perfect trim.

The Tacker is fitted with a snapshackle, which allows the operator to "blow the tack" of the spinnaker, making it even easier to control the sail.

The ATN Tacker

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The Chutescoop Spinnaker Sleeve

The V.F. Shaw Company invented the first spinnaker sleeve in 1979 and has been refining the product ever since.

The Chutescoop is constructed using white 1.90 oz. spinnaker nylon and has been designed to fit most sailing yachts between 20 and 45'. Every Chutescoop has a strong stainless steel hoop sewn into a pocket at the bottom of the sleeve. A smooth Dacron cloth covers the hoop which creates a slippery surface for the sail to slide over. The top of the Chutescoop tapers to enclose a specially designed pendant and swivel. Two small lines are attached to opposite sides of the bottom ring and pass through a pocket on the outside of the sleeve to a block at the top. These two lines ensure a straight lift of the bottom of the sleeve. After passing through the block, the two lines exit the sleeve and are attached to a heavier line called the Control Halyard. This is used to raise or lower the Chutescoop over the sail.

Chutescoop spinnaker sleeves are completely assembled, simple to install and are available in 9 pre-cut models:

Model: 920

  • Length: 20'
  • Diameter: 9"

Model: 925

  • Length: 25'
  • Diameter: 9"

Model : 930

  • Length: 30'
  • Diameter: 9"

Model: 934

  • Length: 34'
  • Diameter: 9"

Model: 1337

  • Length: 37'
  • Diameter: 13

Model: 1340

  • Length: 40'
  • Diameter: 13"

Model: 1344

  • Length: 44'
  • Diameter: 13"

Model : 1347

  • Length: 47'
  • Diameter: 13"

Model: 1850

  • Length: 50'
  • Diameter: 18"

The Chutescoop

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