The Generator

Now Being Used In PHRF Racing!

A Sail That Will Change The Way You Sail

There is absolutely nothing worse than sailing in zero to five knots of breeze. Six to ten is better but it can still be frustrating for larger, heavier displacement yachts. And when you think about it, it seems we experience these conditions more often than not.

Are you tired of sitting in a hot cockpit watching the clew of your genoa dangling in the water? Does it drive you crazy that you cannot even keep pace with the tide? Well, we are about to change all that!

We are pleased to announce "The Generator". A new sail that is affordable, simple to use and requires no special hardware.

How does 5.8 knots of boat speed in a 6.0 knot breeze sound? Watch the following video to see how much fun sailing in light to medium winds can be:

Courtesy of: Dr. Wialter Funk

"The Generator" - A Genoa On Steroids!

Designed for winds up to 12 knots, "The Generator" is a bi-radial sail built in Challenge 1.50 oz. Fibermax nylon sailcloth. It can be ordered in your choice of colors and is available in two sizes (150% & 165%).

It is an incredibly easy sail to use and needs no special equipment whatsoever. No hanks or furling system. Just a halyard and sheets!

Since "The Generator" is a free flying sail that carries the design lines of a traditional genoa, special attention to the luff was required. Our patent and trademark pending "Linear Luff" technology provides for a strengthened leading edge that eliminates the need for a metal wire or bulky thick rope to be run through the sail.

Courtesy of Gerry Cody - Quincy Bay, MA - Pearson 34

Courtesy of: Dr. Walter Funk - San Francisco, CA - Hobie 33

A Big Bang For Your Buck!

"The Generator" is an incredibly value. In most cases, it is over 50% less expensive than a cruising spinnaker, 150% furling genoa or a code zero. Additionally, the savings does not include the hardware costs normally associated with these sails.

We do not suggest that "The Generator" replace a traditional jib or genoa. However, it very well may be the perfect sail to add to your inventory before a cruising spinnaker and/or code zero.

The following are prices for several of the Catalina line of sailboats:

  • Catalina 22: $335.00
  • Catalina 25: $505.00
  • Catalina 27: $625.00
  • Catalina 30: $775.00
  • Catalina 34: $975.00
  • Catalina 36: $1,055.00

You will find "Generator" prices for most yachts on our website.

If your boat is not listed, simply click HERE to receive your "Generator" quote today!

Choosing Colors

You can select up to two colors on "The Generator". The first will be your trim, which runs along the leech and foot of the sail. The second is your primary. We currently inventory the following nine colors:

Color Names: Black, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Purple, Red, White & Yellow